Other Pages & Sites I Like

Stroke Doctor--This is THE doctor who knows how to treat stroke!

4-Day Diet used by author to accelerate her recovery from MS
Catabolic Diet Negative Calorie foods that burn more fat than they deliver. The more you eat, the skinnier you get!

Gary Null's Health Information Center

Key accounting ratios--Use your Balance Sheet and P&L to know about your business
Return to Work, Inc. -- Work at home for the handicapped
Current status of the national debt.

Build-A-Card, a free online greeting-card building service maintained by Maximized Online. You can create cards with pictures and text, then "send" them to recipients via e-mail, to be viewed on the web. This service began on Valentine's Day, 1995.

SOLVED! Clones have no souls!
North Orange County Computer Club -- A great California computer club!
Web Page Construction example used in Web Page Class
Explanation of web page color syntax
Linux/Unix subset commands for newbies
Which operating system is the best? Check the Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
Super Ant -- Death by stretching
Value of the dollar, 1860-1989
How to make your own hygrometer for measuring humidity
The entire Bible, translated into Pig Latin: Oly-hay Ible-bay.
Make your ownColloidal Silver for good health

Quotes unable to withstand the test of time
More Quotes unable to withstand the test of time
Precedence. Something that did withstand the test of time

How to be a blazing success as an interior designer.
Punster's Plea
'Tis The Night Before Christmas -- in Spanglish, Caramba!
Swami Beyondananda's answers to important personal questions
Ice borers -- A well written science report for April fools.

SHAKESBEER.COM Where do college kids hang out? Shakesbeer, of course!
Truly Useless Web Pages, e.g.
...Where does your birthdate appear within the first million decimal places of PI?
...Help watch for ghosts under June's bed (37 TV cameras continuously report at 17 second intervals).

California's Premiere Criminal Defense Team