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Who will be there? H
Al/Donna (Marino) Larranga
Allen Danzig
Anna May (Fishero) Southworth
Betty (Koeppen)w/daughter Shoy Hamilton Hale
Bill Crane
Bill Thornton
Bill/Arleen Reich
Bob w/Charlotte Wilson Cederdahl
Bob/Janie Rood
Bruce/Nancy Livermore
Carolyn (Stone) Saar
Carolyn Sue (Young) Potts
Charles/Kay Reed
D. Carolyn (Bacon) Peterson
David fisher
Diane (Hernandez) Becker
Dick/Susan (McDonald) Knox
Don Donnelley (Happy Hour Only)
Donna (Collins) Shinkawa
Frank (w/daughter Lauren Wilhite) Ferguson
Frank/Barbara Day
Gary Saylor
Guy/Jacqueline Johnson
Harry Crosby (Teacher) (Happy Hour Only)
Janie (Clover) Prim
Jerry/Lynn Sandlin
Jim Cerveny
Jim/Toncha (DeCotiis) Campbell
Joan (Gordon) Thornburg
Joanne (Baldwin) Jordan
John/Sandy (Elder) Liddle
Jordan N. (Jay) Stockham III
Judi (w/husband Allen Danzig) Herz
Larry Gordon (Happy Hour Only)
Lavon/Dick (Vanstelle) Jones
Louisa (McClain) Claussen
Lynne (Lucky)/Donald Adams
Margaret (Powell) Schroeder
Marty Compton
Mary Ann (Clark) Spicer
Nancy (Matteson) Prather
Orpha Higley
Robert/Janice (Buck) Holt
Ron Myers
Ronald F. Kling
Roy Greathouse
Sharon L. (Gray) Russell
Stanley/Marilyn (Bresser) Gilliland
Ted Higley
Tom/Marilyn (Stone) Groot
Toni Susann (Lee) w/husband Stan Flores
William/Judith (Leisure) Horning
Wilmoth (Willi) Bacon Thomas
Woody Moorehead Kirtley
Adams, Donald Adams
(Bacon), D. Carolyn Peterson
(Baldwin), Joanne Jordan
(Bresser), Marilyn Gilliland
(Buck), Janice Holt
Campbell, Jim Cederdahl, Bob Cerveny, Jim
(Clark), Mary Ann Spicer
(Clover), Janie Prim
(Collins), Donna Shinkawa
Compton, Marty
Crane, Bill
Crosby, Harry (Teacher) (Happy Hour Only)
Danzig, Allen
Danzig, Allen
Day, Frank/Barbara
(DeCotiis), Toncha Campbell
Donnelley, Don (Happy Hour Only)
(Elder), John/Sandy Liddle
Ferguson, Frank (w/daughter Lauren Wilhite)
Fisher, David
(Fishero), Anna May Southworth
Flores, Stan
Gilliland, Stanley
(Gordon), Joan Thornburg
Gordon, Larry (Happy Hour Only)
(Gray), Sharon L. Russell
Greathouse, Roy
Groot, Tom
(Hernandez), Diane Becker
Herz, Judi
Higley, Orpha
Higley, Ted
Holt, Robert
Horning, William
Johnson, Guy/Jacqueline
Jones, Dick
Kirtley, Woody Moorehead
Kling, Ronald F.
Knox, Dick
(Koeppen), Betty w/daughter Shoy Hamilton Hale
Larranga, Al
(Lee), Toni Susann Flores
(Leisure), Judith Horning
Livermore, Bruce/Nancy
(Lucky), Lynne Adams
(Marino), Donna Larranga
(Matteson), Nancy Prather
(McClain), Louisa Claussen
(McDonald), Susan Knox
Myers, Ron
(Powell), Margaret Schroeder
Reed, Charles/Kay
Reich, Bill/Arleen
Rood, Bob/Janie
Sandlin, Jerry/Lynn
Saylor, Gary
Stockham III, Jordan N. (Jay)
(Stone), Carolyn Saar
(Stone), Marilyn Groot
Thomas, Wilmoth (Willi) Bacons
Thornton, Bill
(Vanstelle), Lavon Jones
Wilson, Charlotte
(Young), Carolyn Sue Potts
Not Certain

Anita (McKinney) Brandt
Barbara Kay VanDyke
Bill/Judy (Marlatt) Hunt
David Davies
Delano Esquerra
Dennis Coates
Don Peinetti
Jack Cook
Jerelyn (Jerri Scott)/John Erb
Joan (Gunn) West
John Brewer
Melvin Rizzo
Raymond Phoenix
Rivian (Littlejohn) Smith
Robert C. Nash

Messages & notes from & to Classmates

Toni Lee Flores wrote:
I have lived in Laguna Beach most of my life after graduation from SDSU, but still have ties in SD. My parents built and operated the Trade Winds Motel while I was in high school. The motel is still in the family, now being used as a weekly/monthly rental. Our daughter and husband live in Birdrock. Our two grand daughter attend Ja Jolla High School and Murlands Middle School. Who would have thought that after moving to Laguna Beach and raising our daughter there, that she would end up back in the old stomping grounds that I knew. I am a retired teacher, having taught at Top of the World Elementary School in Laguna Beach for 26 years. I enjoy hobbies and friends, one being Terry Brandt (class of 58, who I did not know in high school) and his wife Joan Cornwell Brandt (La Jolla class of 58) who keep me up to date on many people from Mission Bay HIgh school. It is such a small world, we have lived on our street for 44 years and just learned that one of our neighbors was a friend of Jim Cerveny's at Oxnard. Looking forward to seeing everyone (and hopefully remembering).
Who can't attend:

Bill Batzloff
Barbara (Harris) Bair
Bettianne (Moore) Goetz
Bob Lampert
Brad Brown
Carol (Carter) Verhaeren
Charles Krausie
Don Boughton
Gloria (Appel) Batzloff
Jerry Crawford
Joan Bambara
Joanne (Barnes) Digre
Larry/Karen (Strong) Brindley
Lori (Loritta Hubert) Braden
Marilyn (Suggett) Steenmetz
Mark Jones
Mike/Chan Eiland
Rich/Janice (Ulibarri) Mirales Talstra
Ron Clark
Ron/Karen Burns
Sandy (Christopher) Breese
"Suzi" Carol Suzanne Morgan
Ted/Pat (Reed) Wehking


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